Haryana Startup
2022 - 2027

The Government of Haryana has always followed a proactive approach to facilitate startup entrepreneurs for ease of doing business in Haryana. In order to achieve the same, State has carried out precise policy level interventions to position Haryana as a pre-eminent investment destination.

The Government through this initiative aims to empower Startups to grow through innovation and design. In order to meet the objectives of the initiative, a new Startup policy was launched in July 2022. The State has a well-structured startup ecosystem with specific focus on development of startup ecosystem, incubation, regulatory support, promotion of women entrepreneurship, Student entrepreneurship development and awareness as well as outreach initiatives.

The new policy was launched in 2022 and it offers benefits and incentives across various areas of intervention to startups. The state has many prominent startup incubators and accelerators which have contributed to the strong growth of the startup ecosystem.

The State has made impressive strides over the years to carve out a niche for itself in the fields of Information Technology, Engineering, Electronics, Automobiles, Textiles, and other Hi-Technology Industries. While the State economy is home to a strong manufacturing sector, the Startup Sector in the state is moving at a very pace, making Haryana well poised to consolidate its startup ecosystem. Many new-age entrepreneurs are based out of Haryana.

The Government of Haryana is keen to harness the potential of young entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary policy push, robust infrastructure, and liberalized regulatory compliances to place the Stakeholders of the Startup Ecosystem at the core of the policy.


To boost and nurture the vibrant startup ecosystem of the state that stimulates independent thinking & innovative ideas and helps budding Startups at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey through dynamic policy interventions, robust infrastructure, and easing out the regulatory norms.


  • Encourage, facilitate and support the emergence of at least 5000 new startups in the State.
  • Develop new Incubators/ Incubation center/ Common office space with subsidized Incubation space for Haryana-based Startups.
  • To synchronize Haryana Startup Ecosystem with the ‘Startup India’ flagship initiative of the Government of India.
  • Promote the culture of Startup at the grassroots level/ distinct locations leading to more employment generation and nurturing entrepreneurship among the youths of the State.
  • To Partner with reputed universities, research institutions, and the business community to enhance industry engagement, knowledge sharing, and avail expertise mentorship in specific domains.
  • Collaboration with educational institutions to promote student entrepreneurship in the state.

Pillars Of Policy


Infrastructure Augmentation

Infrastructure will be key to the growth of Startups in the State. The Government of Haryana will endeavor to create a world-class incubator facility that offers an end-to-end ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Innovation and incubation does not limit themselves to the Information Technology sector alone but has their vast scope in all the sectors including Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Food & Beverages, Green Technology, Transporation, Travel & Tourism, Traditional industries, Energy & Environment, etc. For this, the Government is aiming to develop world-class physical infrastructure in the state that will provide a conducive environment for ideas to originate, scale up and see business fruition.


Fiscal Support

During the early years, the Incubators, as well as the Startups, need support and if it comes from the government the possibility of getting success increases and it encourages people to take entrepreneurship as a career option. So, to boost entrepreneurship in the State, Government has proposed many incentives for Incubators, Startups and other stakeholders


Regulatory Easing

In its endeavor to create a conducive business climate for companies, the Government of Haryana shall be implementing some landmark reforms for regulatory simplification. These reforms are aimed at improving the Ease of Doing Business in the State and ensuring a hassle-free experience for the investor.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development

Inculcating the habit and embedding the idea of innovation and entrepreneurship in the minds of citizens in every aspect of economic activity is essential for promoting the culture of innovation. This needs to be achieved through strong educational support to bring out technopreneurship among the youth. The Government would work with universities, educational institutions and the industry to foster a culture of entrepreneurship in all sectors.