Application Procedure

Procedure for Registration of Incubators



The applicant shall apply online on the Startup Haryana portal in the prescribed format (as per Annexure-I) along with the requisite supporting documents as prescribed under this document.



The application shall be examined and processed by Startup Haryana. The deficiencies, if any, would be communicated to the applicant and the applicant shall rectify the deficiencies.



In case the deficiencies are not removed by the applicant within the timelines given by Startup Haryana, the application will be deemed rejected/closed. Thereafter, a fresh application may be submitted by the applicant.



The Startup Haryana will scrutinize the application and place it before the Screening/ Steering Committee, for a decision on approval of registration as Incubator.



After the approval of the application, the applicant can download the Registration Certificate (from Startup Haryana Portal as per Annexure-IV) for their Incubator in accordance with the Definition and Eligibility conditions as defined in the Policy.