Brief Introduction of the Incubation Centre Start-up, Stand-up India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India. Haryana has always taken initiative for fulfilling this mission which cultivates entrepreneurial spirit in local youth to create an ecosystem. With the similar mission, Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communication- Government of Haryana and MD University, Rohtak has come up with its dedicated start-up initiatives to setup Incubation Centre in the MDU Campus. This course of action will motivate young graduating students to opt entrepreneurship as a career option rather than looking for job. Setup Incubation Centre in University Campus will not only empower young graduating students but provide motivation to promote start-up ecosystem in Haryana. Encouraging entrepreneurial talent among the students will result in greater number of successful start-up ventures. Through this initiative, MD University is committed to provide an entrepreneurial environment in university and provide the requisite knowledge that entrepreneurs need when starting out. Details of Space Allocated for the Incubation Centre covering details of the total area allocated to the incubator, area allotted to startups, seating capacity, area allotted to labs, conference room & other common facilities.

  • Address : Delhi road, near Delhi Bypass, Rohtak, Haryana 124001
  • E-mail Id :
  • Sectors Served : Life Sciences, Mobile app, Technology Based

• A Hall with Floor Area Allocated to Incubation Centre: 1943 Sq ft.
• Sitting Capacity: 40 (Conference Hall) + 20
• Technical Support Labs of 6.3 ft × 7.10 ft: 04 No's
• Office of 6.3 ft × 7.10 ft: 01 No
• Conference Hall: 33.5 ft × 14.5 ft: 01 No
• 3D Printing Fabricated Lab: 12ft × 7.10 ft (v)
Life Sciences, Mobile app, Technology Based