About the COVID-19 Solution Challenge

The current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has led to a rapidly changing situation and created a serious healthcare challenge across ifferent countries and states. To identify, and successfully mitigate the risks across the state, we are scouting for disruptive innovative solutions.

In this endeavour to ensure safety of our citizens and providing them with the best health facilities & essential services, STARTUP HARYANA, Department of Information Technology Electronics & Communication, Haryana is calling for innovative solutions under HARYANA COVID-19 Solution Challenge to defend and hunt down the Global Pandemic around us. For innovators having effective Products/Solutions, this would be a one-of-a-kind big opportunity to submit their Products/Solutions, mitigate healthcare challenges and engage with the Government.

Who all can apply


The challenge is open to all DPIIT registered Haryana based Startups whose innovative products/solutions can help bridge the gap between the demand and supply of essential commodities to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. Given the isolation currently being experienced within communities right now, we want to create an online space where Startups can get the opportunity to submit their complete details of their innovative and disruptive products/solutions to help address this crisis.

Haryana COVID-19 Solution Challenge

Problem Themes and Categories

We are seeking solutions that have the potential for being used in the fight against COVID-19 and building a ready-to-use repository of innovative solutions for ready access by the Government for implementation / deployment.

The Solutions under HARYANA COVID-19 Solution Challenge can be submitted under the following main categories as mentioned below:

  • Prevention - For eg: Personnel protective equipment, Technology based contact less entry or any other solution useful in prevention of COVID-19.
  • Detection - For eg: Rapid diagnostic kit, thermal scanning devices, relapse cases or any other solution useful in detection of COVID-19.
  • Treatment - For eg: Testing equipment, Critical- care equipment, Contactless screening and diagnosing of patients, isolation units or any other solution useful in treatment of COVID-19.
  • Management / Essential Support Solutions - For eg:
    • Large area sanitization and sterilization
    • Fake news and rumour detection
    • Logistics and Relief Measures
    • Equipments for contactless deliveries, sterilization, crowd monitoring etc.
    • Any other solution useful in handling / management of COVID-19 crisis.


  • The top solutions will be featured on the Startup Haryana portal, which is a comprehensive and interactive platform for all Startup Ecosystem Stakeholders viz Startups, investors, mentors, Ecosystem Partners, business community, and other stakeholders:
  • The solutions which seem to be effective and useful for strengthening the fight against Corona (COVID-19) will be recommended to concerned Government departments/ stakeholders for their quick reference / implementation / deployment.


April 27, 2020 (Monday)
Call for Innovative Solution

May 11, 2020 (Monday)
Solutions Submission deadline


  • This is not an assignment or job; it is purely voluntary in nature and shall not entitle any startup entrepreneur for any kind of remuneration/ pay/ monetary benefits.
  • It is not obligatory on the part of the State Government Department to compulsory use the products/solutions proposed by the Startups.
  • The Department may plan to get the solution deployed/implemented subject to the condition that the product/solution should be technically & commercially feasible/ deployable.