Success Stories


DronaMaps recreates, preserves and manages geospatial data in GIS-enabled centimeter level 3D maps, both indoors and outdoors. DronaMaps uses multispectral Image Analytics through drones for Precision Agriculture. Using its deep learning algorithms DronaFarms helps in Soil health analysis, Yield prediction, DRONAMAPS Crop Disease detection & segregation as well as irrigation contour management.

ChironX AI is a computer vision based diagnostic startup that uses it's patent pending deep learning algorithm, to do early disease detection, risk prediction and prognosis of diseases which are local to the eye as well as systemic diseases like Cardiovascular ailments, Hypertension, Alzheimer's, Stroke and Parkinson's. It can plug-and-play into any third party hardware device, which is used to scan the retinal image. Their solution is hardware agnostic and capable to work on edge-based infrastructure as well, ensuring that it can easily be deployed in low-resource environments as well.